Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Creative Letterboxes

In Term 2, week 5 and 6, Room 11 created their own style of cartoon letterboxes ( for example Mickey Mouse, Elmo ,SpongeBob, Lightning McQueen and lots more).We had two weeks to design and construct a letterbox with a variety of different materials. Our letterboxes had to have certain requirements on it. Everyone’s letterbox was completely different with their own special feature. We had to write an explanation about our letter box, using an explanation format and a rubric. All of them looked fabulous and we are looking forward to our next creative task.

By Hannah Power and Talisha Miller

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  1. These letter boxes were all sensational! You guys all did so well...and now we have our own personal letterbox selection! Go the amazing Room 11 kids...'Excel in 11!!' Mrs McG :-)