Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Creative Letterboxes

In Term 2, week 5 and 6, Room 11 created their own style of cartoon letterboxes ( for example Mickey Mouse, Elmo ,SpongeBob, Lightning McQueen and lots more).We had two weeks to design and construct a letterbox with a variety of different materials. Our letterboxes had to have certain requirements on it. Everyone’s letterbox was completely different with their own special feature. We had to write an explanation about our letter box, using an explanation format and a rubric. All of them looked fabulous and we are looking forward to our next creative task.

By Hannah Power and Talisha Miller

On Monday afternoons the year eights from Abbotsford School go to Taieri College and do technology. The year eights are split into three groups, one group does cooking with Miss Crawford, one group does metalwork with Mr Woodside and the last group does fabric with Mrs. Julian. We are in food technology and love it. We are making breads and at the end of the session we get to design and make our own bread. Next week we are making bread with rock salt and olives in it. We really enjoy food tech and can’t wait until we are in fabric next term.
By Samara and Ryan

Optical Illusions in Room 11

Optical illusions On Friday afternoon we had some free time because most of the year 8 boys were at their rugby game at Fairfield School (which is another story)! Anyway, we arranged ourselves into groups of three or four and had a camera for each group. We were given a task sheet with a specific optical illusion on it. We then had to go outside and take photos of ourselves in different positions to make these special photos. The best part was watching them all in a Photostory, (which we created on the programme photo story). We did a fantastic job at making it all come together. There were so many optical illusions to pick from and the ones that were chosen were portrayed very well! Hope you enjoy our video, because we sure did!! By Taylor Alcock and Liam McIntosh