Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Fabulous Classroom…Room 11!
Week 7 Term 1
We have been in our fabulous new classroom for 7 weeks now. We are all really enjoying it. In Art, we have learnt about complimentary colours. The complimentary colours are: Green and Red, Orange and Blue, Purple and Yellow. We are all enjoy playing with our new interactiveboard. Every morning we write our names on it and this is how we take the roll. In writing time we can edit someones writing and make it heaps better!
We have done our Curriculum Vitae’s to show the staff so that they could make a choice for House and Vice Captains. We are learning about the brain like how it works and how it develops and right now we are labelling parts of the brain. We all love our new classroom and hope to have a lot more fun in it.

By Tony C and Hannah P

Abbotsford Is Sun Smart

On the 15th March 2010 Penelope ( from the Cancer Society) came in and
awarded Abbotsford School an updated Sun Smart Award for being a Sun Smart School. She also gave us a tree to plant for shade, sunscreen, a sun smart sign, and a U.V. Index board. She talked about the U.V rays and how New Zealand is known for high U.V. rays around January and how we are lucky to have so many trees and shade to sit under. The House Captains planted the tree with Mr Scoullar our new caretaker!
We really appreciate her coming and awarding Abbotsford School the Sun Smart Award!

By the House Captains
Talisha, Holly, Jonty and Jordan