Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our trip to Queens High

During term 1 all of the year 8 girls at Abbotsford School went on a visit to Queen’s High School. We went there to work in the science lab and the art class.

In science we had to investigate a problem and figure out different ingredients for the secret mixture. To work out what the secret mixture was we had to mix different chemicals together and record what colour it changed to and if the stuff dissolved or not.

In art we coloured in a butterfly picture with really cool coloured pencils.

At the end of the session all of the girls were allowed to have a very tasty blueberry muffin.

Queens was very cool!!

By Samara K & Tamra P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Our trip to King’s High School.

In Term 1, week 8, the yr 8 boys travelled in a bus to Kings High School. We did some superb science experiments.

In science, we learnt about the Bunsen burner and its parts. We also managed to use it and experiment with it. We dipped these wee metal sticks into vinegar and then into chemicals and some of them changed colour. E.g.: the colours ranged from purple to green and even a rainbow kind of colour!
We also played with magnets and batteries to make a reaction and rotate the wire coil. We also poured a gas over the flame and it extinguished the flame! It was CO2. He called it a retardant.
We had an awesome time with the science teacher. At the end of our session at Kings we had a delicious caramel slice! We had so much fun that we would love to go back.

Jacob C and Teone A

Tug ‘o’ War

On Friday the 23rd of April Abbots house organized a house day. The house and vice captains decided to have a big tug ‘o’ war afternoon.
On the house day everyone in the school, including all the teachers dressed in house colours. It was really cool because every house won a tug ‘o’ war in a different age group.
The year 8 students then had an intense battle against the staff and the year 8 students pulled to victory! The next house that is doing a house day is Burns so we can’t wait till next time.

By Liam Docherty and Liam McIntosh .

Terrific Wacky Wheels Thursday

On the 25th of March Abbotsford School had a terrific wacky wheels day! We all had to dress up in wacky costumes and bring something with wheels on it! There were bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller-skates, and lots more! Our teachers dressed up as well! The year 7 & 8’s had to wear vests while patrolling the drive ways and bays, so we could all be safe! We all had to make a gold coin donation so we could help fundraise for our year 7& 8 school camp which is our ‘Outdoor Camp’ and will be down at Pukerau. We had prizes for the three best wacky costumes in each class. Years 1-4 had the top drive way to play on and years 5-8 had the bottom drive way. We all had a heap of fun and we can’t wait until the next wacky wheels day!

By Mikayla H and Matt P
Jumping for joy Term 2 Week 1 In room 11 this week we have been testing our jump rope skills. Some of us can jump one rope and others can jump two. Our new sports gear is not only helping our jumping skills but our ball skills are getting better. Double Dutch is a hard skill to master. Two of room11’s students had a go and are doing very well. Holly Bartlett and Liam McIntosh were brave enough to be videoed. By Taylor Alcock and Jonty Anderson