Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Our trip to King’s High School.

In Term 1, week 8, the yr 8 boys travelled in a bus to Kings High School. We did some superb science experiments.

In science, we learnt about the Bunsen burner and its parts. We also managed to use it and experiment with it. We dipped these wee metal sticks into vinegar and then into chemicals and some of them changed colour. E.g.: the colours ranged from purple to green and even a rainbow kind of colour!
We also played with magnets and batteries to make a reaction and rotate the wire coil. We also poured a gas over the flame and it extinguished the flame! It was CO2. He called it a retardant.
We had an awesome time with the science teacher. At the end of our session at Kings we had a delicious caramel slice! We had so much fun that we would love to go back.

Jacob C and Teone A

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