Sunday, February 28, 2010

Abbotsford Triathlon

On Friday 26th February, on a hot and sunny day, Abbotsford School held a fantastic triathlon for Years 3-8 students.
We ran, biked and swam in teams of 3. Parents were welcome to come and we had heaps to watch us. For the last few weeks we were training,and it's all leading up to the Greater Green Island Triathlon, to be held at our school on Wednesday 3rd March. Yr 8s ran once around the big field, then ran to a cone in the middle of North Taieri Road away along by the book bus stand. The cyclists biked 4 times round the block and the swimmers swam 8 lengths. Everyone had to compete and it was challenging but heaps of fun. We are all in the Greater Green Island Triathlon held this Wednesday 3rd March.We are getting to be very fit!

By Holly Bartlett and Joel Blackley


  1. Hope Everyone Had Fun!!!!

    Taylor Alcock

  2. That day was good and challanging but fun

  3. Hey dont laugh at my spelling its not funny
    No names Liam M

  4. Did all the training help you in the Greater Green Island Triathlon?

  5. it helped us heaps